Simply me.

Yes, I am hysterical. Ridiculous.
In a way to care more, love more and try not to leave you till the end.
But, If you wanna exit
I won’t force you to stay
Just remember
There’s no way back in again.
I will give you the world
But choose to spurn it.
You’ll have to find it some where else!

Leave me stranger!

Go, stranger, go away
I know you work in my firm
Please don’t chase me in any way
I accepted your friend request because of your face
Otherwise, I swear, I didn’t even know your name
Stop messaging me at any time of the day
I grasp the technique, you are trying to be friendly
But, I don’t need it, stop being nice to me, for God sake!
Yeah, I am just replying you for formality
To avoid the awkwardness between us
Else, I would have slammed you directly
I know you are the flirt, have so many girlfriends.
So don’t ever try me out
Still, you asked me for coffee
Sorry buddy,
I am not that type of girl you are thinking about.

It won’t be the last

Opening Line

There’s probability for me to go insane
The countless thoughts roaming that cannot be controlled in any way
I cannot tolerate the over smartness of people around
Wish they could realize how stupid they actually sound
I never judge people in any way
Even if they aren’t perfect
Come on guys, give me a break
See yourself in mirror
Before you comment on others and estimate
Wave your hand when you see me coming
Wave your hand again to depart
Keep your false smile on your face
Don’t bargain and try to sell
I am the master of manipulation
The contempt of whole
If I catch you back bitching on me
It would be my first time to be rude
I don’t care
If it Wouldn’t be the last at all

It’s my turn to break the fence


Excuse me, now you can have your vulnerable life to yourself
Make sure, nobody gives a damn to your love and care
It’s you dragging people into your consciousness
The way you mold and make a drama out of people’s soul
Your sympathy and attention are just a term for fraud
Count your blessings which you literally snatch away
Since you know how to betray
Accept the truth that lies behind the mask you wear
Classify people and pampering you give to seek new friends
Yes, you were my bestie one time
I want you to know that you’ll always be
Because you keep returning to the past
And, behold me as before
As you have kept a grudge on me
This is how I won your own game
Played with your made rules
I have left you hanging on to your match
Now all you will be thinking that how I am so cool!

The blogger recognition award


Yayyy…This is my blogger recognition award and I am excited to write about it 🙂

I would like to thank for nominating me :-*

You should definitely read her blog. She’s awesome 🙂

My blogging journey

It’s been a month now that I am blogging and it is a fabulous experience.

I would like to thank my friends here for supporting me, encouraging me by your likes and comments by which I can improve myself.

I didn’t know what the blogs are about until I started it by myself. I love it here, meeting like minded people.

😀 😀 😀

My advice to my fellow bloggers

Never stop writing and keep enhancing your blog with your ideas.

Keep posting and enjoy the blog.

My nominees

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I don’t know what’s happening- Empty voyage


My life does not start with ‘I’
But it ends with ‘you’
Even many thoughts jumble in my mind
I never know, out of it what do I conclude!
There is something unforgettable
Those I fail to describe
I am an immature girl
When you’ll be with me
You’ll, yourself find.
From my unknown staring to my reasonless smile
The universe can’t understand
When I am trying to make a point.
My habit of draining time
On a quest to attain
To feel the thunder of nature, till I get nerves on bite
A poor at describing the state of mind
It’s totally blank at this point of time
Otherwise, it’s full of melodies
That help me to state my feelings right.
From my best friend to my enemies
I cannot say whom I’ll know until the end of my life
I have so many reasons, I can’t remember one
There are so many ideas, I go blank when I pick the pen up
I know on which path should I go
But, I can’t move towards it
Visible only in dark and black
It’s better that I hide in my little division of sack
It seems impossible to go through so much and still don’t know anything about
Maybe this is just a dream, my actual life is about to start now.
It’s all so complicated
That I have to search my chronicle for any clues
To join the consequences in chains
And, make them sense
Recollect the situation when I went wrong
This is done when I have a beer
Dose of which is very strong.

Can anyone be so perfect?


I am was left speechless,
so wordless
I died to see him
He is so perfect.

He ruled my thoughts
Overtook my mind
Controlled my heart
with every beat that strikes

I kept on denying
This cannot be happening
I may lose some words for him to describe

Perfect is always beautiful, so he is too
Capable of making me smile in his absence
But, he doesn’t know that he could
His memories are less, still unending
Even if he left me many times in dismay
I have wondered how I can make him surprised

I can never think of trouble him
though he has done it several times
From short tempered at precluding stuff
Towards him, I always pardoned and became fine

I knew, he will never bother to keep me
As I do towards him
Because classic is found so rare
I cannot risk missing it

In my struggle to keep him by my side
Indeed, he has tried getting away
I remember those tears that left my eyes
When last time he has asked me to stop to speak
This was so difficult, I knew
I would text him another day

I reversed my thoughts to the back
Where my self-respect was my superiority
He may be absolute for his tail of friends
To whom he keeps on pampering
I promised myself if this is what you want
I cannot risk my morale around
Then no problem, I have so many friends as stranger
You’ll be the next mysterious stranger in the town.

Open the hell blocked door


Please open, open this door
That stands ahead so strong, enormous and closed
It’s nothing else, it’s the imagination of your own
worry, not worry
Just change the thought and it will be there no more.
The game of mind, the heart stuck
gets lost, wanders and wanders
Runs through the blocked space
You go on to fade
Disappear like a smoke
You will never be seen
Like you were never there before.
The key must be buried in yourself
whatever is the answer is already there
You just have to keep your distress aside
The key is to know that there is not any key
Force all the strength and simply open it.