The Killer eyes

Well, I have always mistaken to judge people
It makes a lot of sense to hide your eyes
Maybe to be cool or to hide the true self
Behind the lens
Eventually, they feel different from inside.

It gives them the confidence to be fake
Makes easier to be someone else
I was always searching what’s in their mind
It would have been easier
If I had noticed the color of their eyes

We carry various stresses and strain
Our sympathy towards others
The past that never leaves us
Also the hatred for one another

Eyes are the only part
That reveals them to the outside
May it be maudlin or austere
Sometimes it gets difficult to hide

It’s simple to cover our broken heart
But, not the teary eyes
Inadequate to feel anything
Yet, it displays so much
What’s going on within!

I don’t have specs
Nor I use lens
It’s just something bothering me
Am feeling being very complex
And to exhibit
I’ll also change the color of my eyes

Pizza forever

Pizza, pizza, pizza
I wanna chew, taste and feel
The soft bread, types of cheese
That’s actually so unhealthy.

You are my friend or enemy
Then tell me a secret
You have kept hidden from me
That I can eat you as much as I want
And, still not get fat or bulky.

Yeah I know
I am a fitness freak
So If I try to leave you out of passion
Please understand
I really don’t hate you
It’s just situated in my mind
To exercise double after I eat.

You are my friend forever
My darling indeed
You get customized according to my mood and needs
Onion or crisp capsicum
Many toppings you give
Now I’ll go with mushrooms and black olives

Don’t worry, love
I won’t abandon you
Trust me.
You are satisfaction to my soul
The taste I’ll always remember
Your name will always be there in my menu.
I’ll always be there for you
I know, you’ll be there for me too.