Everything is getting lame

All I do is lie on the bed

This won’t bring me any fame

What else do I do?

I am feeling lazy

Please, give me a break.

Don’t ask me to do any work

It’ll need me to stand and walk up will there

My legs are paining till its nerves

I cannot use my hands to drag myself

Sorry, I am not going to serve.

Damn, People around me are so active

Like chemicals in my laboratory are so reactive

Guys, don’t make me feel guilty

There’s nothing wrong in getting sleepy

Let’s go for a cup of tea

Will you please bring one for me?


Hidden letters


I’ll never post my letters to you

Since you’ll never understand

That’ll hurt me the most

If you’ll keep it aside.

I know you’ll grasp

And, act like there is nothing new

My words may be deep

But, its all written for you.

I like the way you were looking at me

When there were tears in my eyes

I loved the way you made me laugh

When I was on the urge to cry.

Those letters may be waste

If you are not gonna read them

May be they’ll be posted to you by my friends

When I die.

“This is a piece of fiction”

Careless words


Don’t say this, don’t say that
I storm some words out of mouth
Thought people can understand
I was wrong, It just makes us look bad.

I never cover myself behind the words
Nor, I manage to pour any explanation
It all depends on perception in between
I failed to grab it from anyone ever with me.

So it’s better to shut my mouth and sit in corner
This world is wild and full of horror
It gets better as I am full of weirdness
You’ll never get me if my care seems like carelessness.

There is no wrong in drifting everyone apart
If you don’t know me, why you wanna come close to my heart?
I enjoy my life with my family more
They understand me even my words are sore.