Hopes on plates

Hope Gone Viral

When you go to a restaurant and see the menu, firstly you think about to order the non-vegetarian dish. But what ??? You would love to eat chicken, pig, sheep and even ducks! Some countries like china and Japan have the tradition of eating a wide variety of sea animals that I can’t even think of eating and even dogs. China also has a dog festival.

I wonder how such a cute animal can be eaten?? Not only dogs, but all other animals cause no harm to us humans as compared to harms we humans cause to each other. This is miserable.

I wonder how such a cute animal can be eaten??

So the people who really love animals, when they would see dogs meat in the menu card then your expression would be like “Yuck”
But, why?
Why you would like to eat chicken, sheep, ducks but not dog or cat???
Why such a discrimination to love some animals and eat others???
Even Chicken are very nice and adorable pets!!!

Not just animals are used as serving food but also to make lots of usable products like leather bags, leather seats in the car. Foxes, tigers skins are removed from their body when they are alive. Some are boiled in water. And, what we want? We want expensive and branded products to use without giving a second thought about lives that were taken to make this.
Please think, is this right?

If you have or ever had pets then obviously you will give this a second thought. But, those people who don’t love animals will say that what they are for! Right!

We want expensive and branded products to use without giving a second thought about lives that were taken to make this.

What if humans are treated the same way? because their organs can be sold at the high price and a big deal of money can be acquired. This is already an illegal business in India.
I myself was a non-vegetarian and I use to love eating chickens. I even didn’t have any pet ever. Thanks to the animals community, those who unfold these harsh treatment, killing, butchering and torturing of animals. Not only the animals those are butchered are tortured. Also, cows on dairy farms are treated badly.

Being a non-vegetarian is all about taste

I cannot suggest stopping using the dairy products. If you love animals you will, yourself find the way out of this animals ill-treatment.

What if humans are treated the same way? because their organs can be sold at the high price and a big deal of money can be acquired. This is already an illegal business in India.

Also, some people will say that if they are not killed then their population will go on increasing and they contain the high amount of protein which is good for health!
Animals have a fixed age limit after they will die naturally and plants contain high proteins as compared to animals.
I have turned vegan now, when will you?
Being a non-vegetarian is all about taste, otherwise, this kinds of foods also contain high-fat content which is no doubt bad for health.

Animals have a fixed age limit after they will die naturally and plants contain high proteins as compared to animals.

This is my transformation in this year. Being kind to animals is also a very important aspect of out lives because animals help us reduce stress, we can overcome depression easily, they are actually best friends for life.

Please, I request you to reconsider about the food that is on your plate, to rethink about the hopes and teary eyes that want love, care, and mercy.


My first Liebster award


This is my first Liebster award 😀 😀 😀

Thanks a lot [https://shonessa.wordpress.com/] for nominating me ❤ ❤ ❤

It has been almost three weeks that I am blogging and it has been a worderful experience.

Here are simple rules to follow:


Starting with 11 facts about me:

  1. I am 22 years teenage girl 🙂
  2. I am an introvert. Sometimes, I get along with people very easily. And sometimes, I find hard to get involve with my friends or newbies.
  3. I love going to gym, every morning.
  4. I am always on diet. You can call me a fitness freak. I always carry food with myself, so I don’t have to eat outside.
  5. I eat outside only on some occasions. Until and unless it’s a party or very important programmes.
  6. A taurus person. Very very short tempered.
  7. My favorite movie is Maleficient and the quote from the same movie “True love doesn’t comes only from men”
  8. Even if I am short tempered, I realize early if there is something I did bad or behaved rude to someone and so I don’t hesitate to apologize.
  9. Love to write stories too.
  10. My other hobby hidden inside me is photography.
  11. Like coins have two sides, I also have dangerous other side. Where I get mood swings often.

11 questions asked to me :

1. What is your best childhood memory?

Best childhood memory is the time I spend in my school. Those were the adorable days.
2. What do you feel most proud of?

I am a chemical engineer
3. What is your favorite music?

I love Rock music. Songs that I am hearing this days are – I took a pill in Abiza by Mike posner, I can’t feel my face by Weeknd, Faded by Alan walker and there are many.
4. What is your dream place and why?

I want to visit new york. I know it’s a very busy place and no scenarios. But, I want to live that life which I usually see in hollywood series.
5. What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?

My childhood teacher, when I was in kindergarten. She was very very strict and always scared the hell out of me because of which I hated her. I think teachers should be loving and caring with small kids.
6. How do you spend your free time?

I love reading books. Now a days, Am reading Me before you by Jojo Moyce, Looking at nature, playing with my pets.
7. What are your top three favourite books and why?

Misery- Stephen king

A thousand splendid suns- Khaled hossini

The bell jar- Sylvia plath

8. What is your biggest fear?

Scientist are now days judging the day of apocalypse. They actually specify the date for that.
9. What is your strongest personal quality?

I forgive people.
10. If you could witness any event of past, present or future, what would it be?

I don’t believe in living in the past. I live in present and plan my future.
11. What does a perfect day look like to you?

Being with my loved ones and doing my work.

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  1. What is your favorite music?
  2. Which book are you reading now a days?
  3. What is your inspiration for writing?
  4. Which country you have always dreamed to visit?
  5. Name 3 things you can’t live without.
  6. What is best quality in your personality?
  7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  8. What’s your favorite movie?
  9. What’s your most loving hobby other than writing?
  10. What scares you the most?


Our unconscious mind-blank


It’s clear

I struggled it through

It left me feeling so empty

I don’t know

What’s it about?

I still  have to figure things out

We all must have experienced the time when we must have fallen in love. The time when we had lost ourselves to love them infinitely. Thinking of them in our dreams or after we wake up. Yes, I am talking about our special ones. We call them as ‘Special ones’ because they make us feel special, obviously as the word indicates. There is no one like them in our life who could love us like they do. And, also you must be remembering the day when you had a broken up with your special one. Yes, it must have taking you long time to overcome them. Some people just take forever for that. But, what we don’t realize is what made that person special was actually us !  We love someone more than ourselves, we care for them day and day out. Made them feel special too in a way they did to us like no one had ever made them feel or could not make them feel like you did, since we all have our own aura. So this eventually means that the power was inside us. We carry so much power of love, that we needed someone to share with. And, when they go away, we feel empty because they had taken some of our special power away. Don’t mourn over the loss. See this as opportunity to get recharged again. Recharge yourself with a more developed power which would be stronger than the before one. Some take this as not getting in a relationship again, not getting closer to someone again, some take it as getting rude over people or some just start loving again. Choice is yours, just remember to make sure that it develops you in all the way of your life and you are happy. At the end of the story, being happy is all that matters.

Be happy 🙂



That’s all forks !


If you can’t keep everyone happy. Never mind. Try to keep yourself cheered up. Give yourself a gift since you care for others so much. Do things that you love. Because at the end of the day when you go to sleep, all that matters is how much you are satisfied with yourself.

Rather than worrying about keeping people in your life. Keeping them happy by sacrificing your self-respect. No matter how much good friends you have. You cannot guess by whom you’ll get stabbed. Because, your folks may become forks at any time.

This world is becoming more self-centered, obsessed, crazy, egotistical. Between these terms, we people usually lose the war. So it’s better to love ourselves more than sharing it with people who don’t deserve it. Try to understand the person and soul that may be not unhealthy for you. If they are danger for your happiness then move them away. Because we deserve to be blithe all the time.

Lisa was struggling to keep her friend in her contact. She didn’t wanted Matt to forget her and to avoid not talking with each other for months. Many times, she has kept her self-respect aside and texted him. Just for a chat. But, he wasn’t interested in texting her back. Things weren’t like before. Lisa just wouldn’t let him go. She just wanted him to text her in one or two days. One day while talking to him. He said out of nowhere to Lisa to stop talking to him. It wasn’t necessary. But, what was the problem in chatting within some days? Can’t people get obsessed with their friends and ask to give them some time ? If Matt would talk to Lisa whenever she desired then this obsession would have ended on nice terms. But, the sudden rejection landed Lisa in more stress. That time she realized we deserve our love more than anyone else. Now, both of them don’t talk anymore. Because, Lisa was tired of holding on to Matt for her happiness. This is the story about getting obsessed with others. It can be a sharp fork for us and nothing else. 

Be happy 🙂