Calm Caterpillar


Caterpillar wanted to fly.
So she waited in the leaves,
under the monsoon sky.
She slept for days,
covered in her round shell of skin.
So calm and quiet in the forest,
she loved the water sound,
draining from the black clouds.
What else could be so lovely?
Her life was full of jolly
like the way she always wanted,
to suck nectar from the flower sources.
The day arrived when she turned in a beauty
Designer wings and shiny coloring.
Tearing the shell she was covered in,
Made a break free like a magical fairy.
Their lifespan is only of a year
Yet, she always makes us cheer.

Horror enthusiastic


I cannot sleep

I feel scary maybe

All the horror phantom comes in my mind

From the movies, I like to see.

It’s not a big deal in a daylight

Afterward, it creeps me tight.

The dangerous masks and sins

Take over my mind.

I am a horror enthusiastic

To learn what they are!

I am not passionate to see someone die.

I hope this creature don’t exist

This is all just a fantasy

To rule over people’s life.

Hopes on plates

Hope Gone Viral

When you go to a restaurant and see the menu, firstly you think about to order the non-vegetarian dish. But what ??? You would love to eat chicken, pig, sheep and even ducks! Some countries like china and Japan have the tradition of eating a wide variety of sea animals that I can’t even think of eating and even dogs. China also has a dog festival.

I wonder how such a cute animal can be eaten?? Not only dogs, but all other animals cause no harm to us humans as compared to harms we humans cause to each other. This is miserable.

I wonder how such a cute animal can be eaten??

So the people who really love animals, when they would see dogs meat in the menu card then your expression would be like “Yuck”
But, why?
Why you would like to eat chicken, sheep, ducks but not dog or cat???
Why such a discrimination to love some animals and eat others???
Even Chicken are very nice and adorable pets!!!

Not just animals are used as serving food but also to make lots of usable products like leather bags, leather seats in the car. Foxes, tigers skins are removed from their body when they are alive. Some are boiled in water. And, what we want? We want expensive and branded products to use without giving a second thought about lives that were taken to make this.
Please think, is this right?

If you have or ever had pets then obviously you will give this a second thought. But, those people who don’t love animals will say that what they are for! Right!

We want expensive and branded products to use without giving a second thought about lives that were taken to make this.

What if humans are treated the same way? because their organs can be sold at the high price and a big deal of money can be acquired. This is already an illegal business in India.
I myself was a non-vegetarian and I use to love eating chickens. I even didn’t have any pet ever. Thanks to the animals community, those who unfold these harsh treatment, killing, butchering and torturing of animals. Not only the animals those are butchered are tortured. Also, cows on dairy farms are treated badly.

Being a non-vegetarian is all about taste

I cannot suggest stopping using the dairy products. If you love animals you will, yourself find the way out of this animals ill-treatment.

What if humans are treated the same way? because their organs can be sold at the high price and a big deal of money can be acquired. This is already an illegal business in India.

Also, some people will say that if they are not killed then their population will go on increasing and they contain the high amount of protein which is good for health!
Animals have a fixed age limit after they will die naturally and plants contain high proteins as compared to animals.
I have turned vegan now, when will you?
Being a non-vegetarian is all about taste, otherwise, this kinds of foods also contain high-fat content which is no doubt bad for health.

Animals have a fixed age limit after they will die naturally and plants contain high proteins as compared to animals.

This is my transformation in this year. Being kind to animals is also a very important aspect of out lives because animals help us reduce stress, we can overcome depression easily, they are actually best friends for life.

Please, I request you to reconsider about the food that is on your plate, to rethink about the hopes and teary eyes that want love, care, and mercy.


Not relaxing


I will stay here forever

Not for you to follow me.

The things you did

I can’t move ahead

So there isn’t anything

To see more clearly.

I am here guessing

To find the reason

Why I can’t relaxing….!!!


I know you must be laughing

On me when I cry ‘ Stay, stay, stay!’

Am taking sleeping pills

To seek a point of deep relaxing….!!!

Talk to my hand


It was 3 Pm, Marie was at work and texted I love you, John.

The message was delivered and so she was staring at the screen for John to read the message and reply her back in his romantic tone of message and smileys. It was 2 minute that Marie was running out of patience and decided to call him. But, she remembered her last call to John ended up with disappointment. Marie called John frequently to talk about her day, making plans, her experiment which she does in the lab. John seemed uninterested in her topics. She also tried being romantic but it was of no use to bring the John behave like happy old days. She just didn’t know the reason behind his strange behavior. So she kept the phone down back in the drawer. Nothing can stop her from messaging her to John when she misses him so much, and this was that time. Rather than listening to his harsh tone and in hesitation. She started typing that there’s a new restaurant in downtown and they should definitely try it in evening. She pressed send option. Then again she remembered that John did not like paying bills. So she also texted him that she would be paying the bills.

It wasn’t like John was the unsuccessful person, he was one of the best business analysts. It was months John had taken Marie out for a date and Marie thought this would be the reason because he said it her once that he don’t like paying bills so cannot go out for dinner.

What kind of a boyfriend does that?

She was nervous and happy to go out with him. She was waiting eagerly at the bus stop for him. When she saw him coming. Smiling.

Ah, everything’s fine

That evening, no matter how hard Marie tried being romantic, John just dropped the topic. Eventually, Marie didn’t want to spoil the evening and so went along with his side of talks. He didn’t even wait to spend time with her. Just left.

Marie saw him going. Sadly.

Weeks passed by, Marie didn’t receive any messages from him. So it was clear like pure rain water or mirror that could reflect light or black surface that could absorb whole heat that John has lost interest in her.

She just didn’t know what to do, how to bring him back!

All efforts to ignore his behavior or getting along with his loss of interest thing and forgetting about him were in vain.

She just loved him so much!

One night when Marie was watching TV with her family with John dominating her mind, her phone blinked as a message is received. She checked it and a wide smile spread on her face. It was John. They talked about movies, music, work and etc for hours through messages.

Then, Marie send him a text asking what his problem was!

It was almost an hour in the argument that John denied telling her anything. That was when she quit! Stopped asking him and thought to behave as their breakup never minded her. She was enjoying her life more than she was with John.

Some weeks later:

Marie started hearing rumors about a girl who John was dating. This was a sudden shock right to her nerves, but she pretended to be as cool as ice on her head would be. Something was cracking and shouting inside her that still, she is struggling her feelings for John, he has set out with another girl so soon like she mattered nothing to him from the start and all his romance was fake, on the outside, she was smooth as a music.

She prayed for all the rumors to be fake. To her horror, one day she finds out she was absolutely wrong.

Then she realized that John was actually in love with this another girl and this was the reason he denied telling her why he was a changed man to Marie. Why he cannot be a normal boyfriend and love her like she wanted him to do. All her trust in love and magnificent hope for getting back in life as she was before vanished. The person whom she loved most, did everything for his happiness never ever bothered about her feelings.

All she could think about was I can never be in love with someone. But, I’ll never spare this man for hurting me, for not taking care of me, leaving me to rot in my mourning period.


Marie had become a successful researcher. It was cold evening when she was walking back home from work and on her way she saw couples holding hands, hugging under a shade of the tree where no one can see them. Now she found it very creepy. She can never think about this ever, also she hated her old self when she gave more importance to others than herself which was the main reason for her low confidence.

Later that evening she posted a photo on Instagram with her colleagues having waffles at a famous snacks store just opened in her city. John was one of her followers to like it. Well, she was obviously not following him back.

Her mobile blinked a text as she was going to bed. It was John.

You look beautiful in the photo. The number was not saved in her phone, but she could see his display photo and figured out it was him.

The very nice thing that she did was to delete that freak’s message and went to sleep calmly.

Moral: The only thing that Marie wanted was to be kind and not to lose her anger and friendship to John, she thought it might be easy to stay friends. But, the more she stayed in his environment the more she was disappointed. Maybe Marie was too weak and emotional to move on and when you are too weak, just let the person go on his way and stop being kind to them. Behave the way they did to you. Make them realize that they are also unimportant for you as you are to them. In short, being kind is not an option for all situation, there has to be some roughness in you to handle such circumstances.



Living right
Even not with you
Totally bright
Away from your dark flu
And I say, go with the sail
Like it floats on a water up-down
To reach its route
I am just my-my-mystical
I feel so electrical
By the way, I am going
It feels so great…..!!!

I must have cried
I thought I died
From within, a lot of times
Only for you.
Only for you.

But then, I found
I am my-my-mystical
I feel so electrical
This is my reflection
The way we’ll be in connection
So go on, hate me
After all, I am more……….
Also, electrical
Way more, mystical.

Help me go !


I tried a lot

But, you won’t leave

You are present in everything

I see your photograph

I do is imagine all day

There is least I can say

Help-help me-me go-go

Help-help me-me go!

Will you please take mercy?

I haven’t done any wrong nor good

So turn around and have a look

I need a little care only from you

Take my hand and make me believe

Or at least you can

Help-help me-me go-go

Help-help me-me go!

Even if we ever meet

You’ll keep quiet as you have always been

And, I will speak a lot as I always do

Till then nothing will change

Nor there will be any difference

So, ignore me and go on your road

I’ll look back at you with hope

Then I will realize you have no space for me

I will still think….

Help-help me-me go-go

Help-help me-me go!