The colorful lines I roll

Which goes on strengthening as it dwells

Can it bring you and me closer?

Will it be stitched on my pain?

Threads bind and shatters

They are simple as well as shines

Help me give it an aura

So, we can get rounded as the threads getting tied.

Please catch me, when it breaks

Just hold my hand as you see it terminate

Else, you’ll see me sink like before

So, I will grab the thread

And, let you fall without a thought.



This will happen countless times


Parts of you get shattered here and there

When it gets difficult to raise and bear

who would notice you

The pain from you’re going through.


It’s like a surprise

We may get at any time of year.


But, be like countless stars in the sky

That shine  and smile

Even in the darkest hour

Without any fear


It has to be you, and only you

to merge stronger than ever before

No matter how many strikes you go through

Be prepared for future,

there are still more storms that will come to you



There will be countless times

you may have to prove to this world

you are the best, you are the best!!!